Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid: How to Beat it

Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid is now available for a limited time
Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid is now available for a limited time / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid is the latest to be featured on the app.

Cryogonal is a rarely-seen and rarely spoke of Pokemon from the Unova region—meaning it belongs to Generation V. It's an ice-type meant to resemble a snowflake. Fortunately, its singular typing means that it won't have many surprises for trainers looking to bring it down.

Below, you'll find everything you need to know about Cryogonal and how to beat it.

Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid

Cryogonal is a singular ice-type with a CP ceiling of 2797. It has an attack stat of 190, defense of 218, and stamina of 190. Unsurprisingly, it's boosted by snowy weather. Trainers likely won't have to worry about that, however, as its raid window takes place in the summer.

This means that trainers may encounter it with a CP as high as 46937 in raids. The best strategy for this battle is to try and outlast it. Cryogonal's lower attack and stamina stats make it ideal for grabbing a tank-y Pokemon hammering away.

The best counters for this Pokemon are fire, rock, steel and fighting-types.

It goes without saying that you'll likely find success with Blaziken. Its move set is fantastic against Cryogonal and gives you a chance to deal real damage at the start. You might also want to bring the recently featured Terrakion as back-up.

Strong rock and steel-types make for a great way to flesh out this specific raid team. Metagross makes for a good companion, as does the ever-popular Rhyperior or Tyranitar.

Other alternatives include Lucario, Arcanine, Machamp, and Moltres.

Cyrogonal's best move set will be a combination of either Ice Shard or Frost Breath and, oddly enough, Solar Beam.