Crypto and Valkyrie Leaks Show Off Both Heirlooms

Photo courtesy of Redditor Legitimate_Chapter82

A rather large Apex Legends leak showing off actual footage of heirlooms and upcoming Legends has emerged online, but since the leak is so large and unprecedented, no one is taking claim. It's most likely because this is a type of leak that will get someone fired and Respawn may pursue legal avenues, especially because this information is slated all the way until 2025.

As for the heirlooms, you can see Crypto's full katana with textures and animations. Valkyrie's spear is still in the building phase.

From what you can see, it looks like a traditional Japanese spear. You can see the animations of her attacks and it actually looks like she has an increased melee range. You can see her sweep and thrust with the spear even though the weapon has no textures. It's most likely because the heirloom is much farther away from release than Crypto's heirloom.

While this leak is pretty substantial, things could still change. Probably not for Crypto, but Valkyrie could still see some differences in the live version.

Regardless of what's been seen in the Apex Legends leak, someone is about to catch some hell at Respawn Entertainment.