Crypto Pick Rate Booms After Apex Legends Season 16 Update

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Crypto has gained a resurgence following the roll out of Apex Legends Season 16, with his pick rate increasing dramatically.

Legend pick rates have been pretty predictable in past seasons. If a new Legend debuts at the start of a season, they're usually at the top of the pick rates for a hot minute. Then, depending on how well players take to their kit, these Legends will stay in the spotlight, or drop off dramatically. There are some Legends that remain popular no matter what, like Wraith and Pathfinder. But Crypto has often struggled to break into the meta, despite releasing way back in Season 3.

But Season 16 has brought with it a number of changes. Most notably, a reimagining of Legend classes. Not only has this seen more players than ever jump into Apex Legends, but its given each Legend a much needed rework.

Crypto Pick Rate Booms After Apex Legends Season 16 Update

According to Apex Legends Status, Crypto’s pick rate went from just 1.3% at the end of Season 15, to 2.8% following the Season 16 update. The Legend is no longer battling for for 23rd place with Newcastle, but is now comfortably in 13th place.

With an increase of 109.95% in total, Crypto is now looking to overtake Ash in popularity whi sits at a 3.1% pick rate. So why has this Legend suddenly blasted his way up the rankings?

Crypto didn't receive any major buffs or nerfs in the Season 16 update, but he was assigned to the Recon class in the new system. Like others in the Recon class, he can now interact with modified Survey Beacons, revealing all enemy positions on the Mini-Map for 30 seconds. This, coupled with his drone ability (and some important bug fixes) makes Crypto a pretty great asset on the field.

As players get more accustomed to Crypto's new class role, and begin crafting plays to make him even more effective, it's possible we'll be seeing a lot more of this Legend in the coming weeks.