Apex Legends

Crypto, Rampart and Fuse Seem to be Perfect Catalyst Counters in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Since the launch of Catalyst in Apex Legends: Eclipse, the Defensive Conjurer has become the most-picked Legend in the game.

Of course, this is perhaps no surprise since she is the newest playable character. However, what is interesting is that players seem to be finding that the game's least-used Legends just might be much more relevant to the meta moving forward than once thought.

As posted by u/cruskie on Reddit Sunday, Crypto's Surveillance Drone can be used to open enemy Catalysts' Barricaded doors instantaneously.

This, coupled with the fact that Crypto's drone can also be used to scan Catalyst-led teams through her Dark Veil ultimate ability, suggests that the least-used Recon Legend in the game just might be the go-to pick for those looking to counter a lot of the new gimmicks that the Defensive Conjurer brings to table in Season 15.

Additionally, players have been reporting that Rampart’s Shiela and Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster can also be used to open sealed enemy Catalyst doors, albeit not as fast as Crypto can.

Ultimately, it's hard to argue that this wasn't a smart move by Respawn Entertainment. Not only did the devs introduce a character in Catalyst that disrupts a lot of the meta's most popular picks as of late, but they also made it so that the best Legends to counter her are those with some of the lowest pick rates in the game.

Perhaps this could stir up the meta moving forward.