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Crypto’s Heirloom Animation Revealed in New Apex Legends Leak

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to a recent leak, it seems like we've gotten our first glimpse at Crypto's Heirloom animation.

Heirlooms in Apex Legends are ultra-rare sets of cosmetics, and often the most sought-after cosmetics in the game. Outside of a Collection Event, Heirlooms can be purchased from the Heirloom Store for 150 Shards. Their rarity stems from each Apex Pack having a less than 1% chance to drop Heirloom Shards. Obviously, these Shards are hard to come by, making Heirlooms a rather tricky thing to get hold of.

If a player has opened 499 Apex Packs without getting any Heirloom Shards, besides having atrocious luck the player is guaranteed to get some in their 500th Pack.

Respawn have released a number of Heirlooms for various Legends, but so far Recon Legend Crypto has been without one. Now, thanks to recent leaks, it seems that Crypto is next in-line to get an Heirloom when the next Collection Event drops.

Crypto’s Heirloom Animation Revealed in New Apex Legends Leak

Known Apex Leaker, Thordan Smash, posted a video to YouTube which seemingly showed Crypto's upcoming Heirloom animation from a playtesting session. Crypto's Heirloom weapon appears to be based on a Korean Jikdo, meaning "straight sword."

The animation shows Crypto sheathing the weapon, flipping it around, then and back into his hand where it unsheathes again.

While the Heirloom has yet to be officially confirmed by Respawn, the leaker claims that we could see it appear in the next Collection Event. This next event is speculated to be titled "Dark Depths" and could take place in January after the current Raiders event.

Until the Heirloom has been officially revealed, fans will have to be patient and set their expectations accordingly.