Crypto Skin Exploit Makes Him Invincible in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Despite Crypto being one of the least picked Legends in Apex Legends, a new exploit has made its way to competitive matches. Even a Season 12 buff wasn't enough to save Crypto from the bottom of the list.

But there wasn't supposed to be something that makes you invincible.

The Reddit user shows a clip that starts off rather innocent. The Wraith approaches a Crypto distracted with their drone. What should have been an easy kill quickly took a strange turn. None of the shots registered while the Crypto was in the drone, and once he popped out of the drone, that's when things got super whacky.

The Crypto immediately started shifting around unnaturally, disappearing into the wall, the ground, and changing poses the entire time. It looked like shots were finally registering, but it was like hitting a ghost.

One Redditor commented with an explanation but didn't want to get too specific so people couldn't use the exploit themselves.

"This is intentional bug abuse. There is almost no chance that this bug happens on accident, so the person doing this is most likely using it on purpose to gain an advantage. In order to do this, one of the masked Crypto skins (like the one in the video) must be equipped. The Crypto who is attempting to use the bug must time something as death protection from a Revenant totem is running out. I'm not going to describe specifics bc I don't want to encourage it, but you can look it up if you want to try it in firing range. It basically just bugs a lot of Crypto's animations and makes him very difficult to hit so he'll look like he's in the floor, sliding around, t-posing, etc...
I'd say I'm surprised that it's not patched yet, but this is Respawn we're talking about. Could take months to get fixed."

The comment doesn't explain how Crypto was immune while using the drone. Most likely the exploit that makes the Crypto flip out also makes them invincible while utilizing the drone.