CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major Stickers Release Date


CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major Stickers release date is on the minds of many as the event draws nearer and nearer.

The Blast.tv Paris Major is the final Major of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Each Major, Valve releases a special in-game event including special challenges, Stickers for teams and players and more. The event kicks off May 8 and there's been no sign of the content update, causing some fans to be worried about time between update and event start.

Here's when fans should expect the CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major Stickers to be released alongside the other content.

CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major Stickers Release Date

A release date is hard to pin down, but Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill pointed out some trends over the past few Majors on Twitter. Since the ESL Rio Major, Stickers have been released closer and closer to event start. There was 10 days, six days and five days respectively between the Major starting and stickers releasing for the Rio, Antwerp and Stockholm Majors.

As of May 3, Stickers have still not been released but expect them to either come out today or May 4 based on trends. Valve traditionally updates CS:GO late at night as noted by the recent Anubis Collection dropping on Apr. 24 at 8:32 p.m. ET. So, fans should expect a release soon considering time continues to dwindle until the Blast.tv Major kicks off.