CS:GO Match Making Reset Explained

Photo courtesy Valve Corporation

For a long time, CS:GO players have dealt with a broken system for ranked matchmaking. Well worry no more, changes are here.

For a while, climbing the ladder of ranks was extremely difficult. In many other games, that is due to a lack of skill or a bad teammate. But CS:GO actually dealt with a broken system that made it very hard to climb the ranks.

So many of the game's first-time players are put in lobbies with more advanced players, causing a severe skill gap in the game. But that skill gap is not due to high-level players "smurfing", it is due to the broken system.

The change did not have much detail to it but was described as a recalibration. A much-needed recalibration. Many of the game's top players were stuck in the lower ranks. Hopefully, after this change, ranks will accurately represent skill level.

You will notice that the first time you get on after this update, your ranking will not be there. No worries, all you have to do is win one game. This could take you one game or it could take you ten, but all you need is one win.

After you win your one game, you should see a more accurate rank applied to you. This update is already live so go out there and see what rank you truly are.