CS:GO Patch Notes Include Tweaks to Dust II, Nuke and Vertigo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's official Twitter released patch notes for several small updates, which included some new matchmaking procedures, but were mainly focused on minor tweaks to the maps Dust II, Nuke and Vertigo.

On Counter-Strike's official website, the first few updates listed dealt with matchmaking and the user interface. New users will now be restricted to Casual or Deathmatch modes until they rank up to Private 2, possibly in an attempt to prevent either smurfing or newer players entering servers with much more skilled opponents. This update was specifically written as "Experimental," however, so it is very possible that this may not last past the next patch.

Additionally, the progress bar has been fixed so that XP will fill the bar when reaching a new level. This has already been happening in terms of real XP, and the fix is purely cosmetic.

In terms of map updates, Dust II and Nuke received a few fixes to walls that could be clipped and a few other physics improvements.

Vertigo received the most changes, including some major setpiece shifts in both Bombsites A and B, including the removal of forklifts in A and the widening of an entrance in B. These changes seem to come in order to improve combat in both areas, streamlining firefights for the sake of the pace of the game.

Image courtesy Valve/CS:GO