CS:GO Update Log Nov. 4: Breach Gets Major Overhaul

The CS:GO Update log is the best way for both casual and hardcore fans of Valve's everlasting team shooter franchise. This time around, it seems that the Breach Map has received some major tweaks to streamline the map and improve both Bombsites A and B. Here are some of the changes players should expect when playing in Breach.

CS:GO Update Log Nov. 4

Here are the official update notes from the official CounterStrike blog regarding

Breach has been updated to the latest version from Steam Community Workshop and is now available in Scrimmage mode on official servers.

Bombsite A

  • Redesigned A long
  • Removed entrance walls
  • Removed pit
  • Added blinds to A window
  • Moved globe monument slightly
  • Blocked access to top of SWAT van

Bombsite B

  • Replaced vents with electrical room
  • Reworked cover placement
  • Improved bombsite markings


  • Reduced number of firing angles in mid
  • Redesigned B connector
  • T paths to lower and upper mid have been combined
  • CTs cannot push upper mid as quickly
  • Fixed unintended angles in lower mid


  • Redesigned CT spawn
  • Removed glass in various places
  • Fixed a bug where enemies outside of B could be spotted from mid
  • Replaced the wall outside of B with a chain link fence
  • Improved clipping

Additionally, the map Seaside has been made no longer available on official Scrimmage Mode servers.

Image Courtesy Valve