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Cursed to Golf Switch Release Date Information

Cursed to Golf
Cursed to Golf / Thunderful Games

Players are interested in when Cursed to Golf will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

Combining golf and roguelike, Cursed to Golf brings a unique perspective to arcade and puzzle games. Players can utilize power-ups through multiple Ace Cards to manipulate the game. With more than 80 holes and an updated Daily Challenge Mode, players will always have something to entertain them.

Cursed to Golf was announced, among other titles, during the Nintendo Indie World showcase. Are you wondering when you can get your hands on this title?

Here's what we know about Cursed to Golf's release date for the Nintendo Switch.

Cursed to Golf Switch Release Date

Although it doesn't have a specific release date, Switch users can expect Cursed to Golf to become available during Summer 2022.

This game also includes online leaderboards and obstacles to challenge even the most advanced player. These holes act as dungeons within the game that players have to conquer in order to win. Players who enjoy golf, as well as those who don't, can find something to love within this game.

Twitter user Wrenegadey and designer of hit game Unpacking posted, "Final shoutout to Cursed to Golf... a rare golf game that's managed to capture the interest of someone like me who does not care about golf at all. I played the demo at a recent event and really enjoyed it! [The] pixel art is masterful."

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