Cypher's Spycam Glitch Lets Valorant Players See Through Walls

Cypher once again brings the bugs.
Cypher once again brings the bugs. / Photo by Riot Games

Another Spycam glitch? Riot's latest ultra competitive shooter Valorant is in closed beta, so there will no doubt be glitches and bugs to be fixed.

Cypher's Spycam Lets Valorant Players See Through Walls

Cypher's Spycam is a repeat offender, as a previous glitch made it so players were able to shoot a gun through the Spycam and get kills. This time, a glitch lets players peer through walls.

This is achieved when placing the Spycam in places where it normally shouldn't be placed. One player managed to slip a cam in a little wall groove on Split, allowing them to see through the walls and floors.

The marking dart can't go through walls, but the expanded vision would give Cypher a game-breaking advantage. While this makes for a negative experience for players, the game is still in beta and these glitches and exploits are inevitable. It's actually good that these unusual bugs keep showing up, as the game will be more polished when the full release happens.