D.Va Anniversary Skin 2019: Everything You Need to Know

D.Va Anniversary Skin 2019 has just been released! Academy D.Va is the first of the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary Event skins to be revealed.

D.Va Anniversary Skin 2019

Lead developer Jeff Kaplan recently said that the next D.Va Anniversary game would "break the internet." This highly anticipated skin has turned out to be D.Va dressed in a cute schoolgirl outfit. She wears a school uniform with a skirt and wears a pair of round, gold reading glasses. Her pistol is shaped like the auto cannon on her mech.

The mech itself is mostly pink with highlights of gold and white. All things considered, it is colored and shaped similar to the original D.Va mech. But perhaps the most striking feature of this skin is what appears to be a small, Gundam-esque head peeking out of the top of the battle mech.

It will be up to the fans to decide whether this skin is truly as "game breaking" as the developers foretold, but the skin is certainly cute and could bring fans of Korean drams or anime back to the game.

The 2019 Anniversary event will begin on May 21. There should be ten other special event skins that will be released. Can the cosmetic designers outdo themselves once again?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment