D.VA Ult Trick is Closest Overwatch Has Come to Survival Horror

Courtesy of Blizzard

Of all the Ultimate's in Overwatch's history, D.Va's stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Her ability to drop and nuke in the middle of a crowded battlefield makes for a terrifying encounter, and one that's probably resulted in scores of broken controllers. Blizzard's nerfed it in the past, but no tweaks and nerfs Blizzard can make can compensate for player ingenuity.

A Horrifying New Tactic

Redditor U/A_R3dditUs3r posted a video to Reddit on March 21 that shows them launching a D.Va mech on Lijiang Tower towards the objective. In the video, they appear to be standing behind a circular structure, in the hallway to the left of the map. Launching the mech, they send it forward, hitting the structure and guiding around it before dropping it straight into the objective, before exploding and causing players to suffer from mental pain and anguish, along with the urge to write angry posts on Blizzard forums.

The genius of it lies in the ability to hide the attack behind a wall, making D.Va's normally flashy, and bright ultimate a surprise. Its starting location is also far enough away for enemies to lose focus in the heat of a pitched battle, until suddenly it's too late to run away. This trick can potentially wipe out a whole team, regardless of how good they are.