Dafran Banned From Valorant: Was He Banned?

Dafran banned from Valorant: was he banned? Yes and no.
Dafran banned from Valorant: was he banned? Yes and no. / Daniel "dafran" Francesca via GGRecon

Former professional Overwatch streamer Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca has been permanently banned from all Solary events after some inflammatory "toxic" behavior during their recent Valorant tournament last week.

Dafran showed up late to the semifinals after some confusion over the starting time of the match. In response, the event organizers decided to give the opposing team, HypHypHyp, a map advantage as a way to penalize Dafran's team, Prodigy.

HypHypHyp attempted to contact the members of Prodigy to find out where they were. They found Dafran streaming to a live audience and informed him of what has transpired.

Obviously, Dafran had quite a few things to say about that—and none of it was pretty. The former Overwatch player was quick to talk about opposing team member Damien "Hyp" Souville and Solary, itself.

This ramped up shortly afterward when it was revealed to Dafran that there may be a reschedule of the match for the following day on the condition that Prodigy played without him. He went on to unleash a litany of insults which were captured live on his stream—for which he was subsequently banned.

His sentence was handed down last Saturday, May 16.

Dafran Banned From Valorant: Was He Banned?

In short: no. Dafran was not banned from Valorant, specifically. He will still be able to play to the game on his own time with the appropriate subscriptions.

He is, however, "banned for life" from all Solary tournaments and, most likely, other events held by the organizer.

According to a tweet from Solary's official Twitter account, Prodigy will still be allowed to play as long as they find a substitution for Dafran before the match begins.

Previously, Prodigy claimed that they were not made aware of the semifinal time change prior to the match start. However, HypHypHyp was already loaded in and waiting by the time Dafran arrived.