'Dagger in the Mist' New World Quest Guide

'Dagger in the Mist' New World Quest Guide
'Dagger in the Mist' New World Quest Guide / Amazon Games

Some players are having a bit of difficulty completing the "Dagger in the Mist" quest in New World.

Amazon Games' New World takes place on the new island continent of Aeternum. The land is typically referred to as, quite simply, the "New World," making any pre-existing land masses discovered prior the "Old World." Several characters go as far as to refer to it as such—one of which is in the Barkeep in Monarch's Bluffs: Geertie Lother.

How to Complete 'Dagger in the Mist' New World Quest

This quest can be picked up by level 12 players from Geertie Lother in Monarch's Bluffs. Working as a Barkeep, Lother is a bit worried about how everyone preparing for the Corruption will affect her stocks.

"I think we need to stock up on booze," she tells the player, "And I think I might know a spot to get our hands on some perfectly aged wine from the Old World."

Supposedly, she knows the location of two shipwrecks out along the coast: The Dagger and Grey Mist. If the player travels there, they may be able to locate some jars of wine, which Lother will reward them for should they turn the jars in. The wine, she reasons, will help "everyone in the settlement" weather the coming conflict.

The wreck of the Dagger can be found north of the settlement. All the player needs to do is follow the shoreline north until they reach the wrecked ship or take the road east out of town to Devil's Quarry and fork north. They'll need to search the wreck for supply caches and chests while battling Turncoat Sailors until they find three jars. Then, the quest will prompt them toward the Grey Mist.

The wreck of the Grey Mist is around the bend to the east. It's much easier to find than the Dagger, considering it's not only a shorter trek but can be spotted if the player heads directly to the water and turns right. Follow the bend of the shoreline and repeat the process to find four more jars.

Now, all that's left is to return to Lother in the inn. Rewards for this quest include:

  • 73.5 Gold
  • 790 Experience
  • 250 Territory Reputation
  • Level 12 Armor Case (T2)