Dance Between 4 Hot Springs in Fortnite: How to Complete the Challenge

Dance between four hot springs in Fortnite is one of the challenges for Season 8 Week 10 challenges.

Players will only have a limited time left before the season is over, so finish the challenges quickly!

Dance Between 4 Hot Springs in Fortnite

So you need to dance between three different locations in three different matches. Once you dance in front of ice sculptures and dinosaurs, you'll need to dance in between hot springs.

It's the easiest place to find on the map as there is only one spot which hot springs below the volcano. Land in the middle and start dancing!

In current patch additions, Epic Games added a new Shadow Bomb to the game.

The new Shadow Bomb item was leaked from game files after the arrival of the v8.30 patch in Fortnite. Data miners first found evidence of the item when a challenge was uncovered titled "Use a Shadow Bomb in different matches." Additional audio files were also uncovered, seemingly confirming that the Shadow Bomb would soon appear in the game. That time has arrived!

Shadow Bombs arrived on May 2.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games