Danny Ward FIFA 23: How to Complete the Showdown SBC


Danny Ward FIFA 23 Showdown SBC is now live ahead of Newcastle United vs. Leicester City on Boxing Day.

Showdown SBCs are released periodically throughout a FIFA Ultimate Team cycle. These SBCs highlight a match and a player from each team receives an SBC. The player from the winning team receives an additional +2 upgrade while the losing team's player does not get upgraded. In the case of a draw, both players receive a +1 upgrade.

The latest Showdown SBC pairing highlights Nick Pope and Danny Ward, two Premier League goalkeepers returning to competition following the World Cup.

Danny Ward FIFA 23: How to Complete the Showdown SBC

Here's how to complete the FIFA 23 Showdown Danny Ward SBC:

  • One Segment
  • Premier League Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: 84
  • No Chemistry Requirement
  • Players in the Squad: 11

Showdown Danny Ward and Nick Pope are both priced the same. Ward will be a little more difficult to get on chemistry, but he might be the one players complete considering he'll provide a Welsh link to the recently released World Cup Stories Gareth Bale. Still, keep in mind players should complete this SBC based on who they think will win the match. Newcastle sit third in the table currently while Leicester City is in 13th.

Most would favor Newcastle to win the match leaving Danny Ward at just 86 overall while Pope would upgrade to 88. Keep that in mind when looking to complete this SBC.