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Dardoch Joins Immortals as New Assistant Coach

Dardoch joins Immortals as their new assistant coach
Dardoch joins Immortals as their new assistant coach / Photo courtesy of Immortals

Immortals announced former Team Dignitas jungler Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett will be joining the team as an assistant coach.

A few weeks ago, Dardoch left Dignitas after the team formally announced his release, and he has since found a new role to play in the LCS 2021 summer split. As assistant coach, Dardoch will provide his League of Legends knowledge alongside Immortals Head Coach André Guilhoto.

Dardoch Joins Immortals as New Assistant Coach

Dardoch's move comes as a surprise to many of his fans, but he believes it will be a worthwhile new step in his career. The 23-year-old has consistently been one of the best junglers in the league, and he now aims to brings his knowledge of the game to the table as a coach.

"I think I have an extensive amount of knowledge on an individual level about the game, so I think I can help all five players grow individually in their role," he said in the team's announcement video.

Many of his fans will be curious to see how Dardoch adjusts to his new role. The veteran jungler's professional career has been a controversial one due to his competitive attitude, and he was recently released from Dignitas because his actions were not "acceptable for a player." As a coach, Dardoch believes he will not "see [his] competitiveness coming out as frequently," as he will be more removed from the competition of the game.

Dardoch tells his fans that his career as a player has not necessarily ended, and that his experience coaching can one day help him head back into the fray.

"I want to give myself an opportunity to kind of switch where my headspace is, adapt to my new role and see where that leads my thinking," he said. "If I do end up going back to being a player, I think that my experiences as a coach in this short time will help me a lot in that way."

You can view Immortals' performance at the 2021 LCS summer split tonight at 9:00 pm ET.