Dark Alliance Bruenor Build: How to Play Bruenor

Bruenor surrounded by his allies
Bruenor surrounded by his allies / Wizards of the Coast

Bruenor is one of the playable characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, a snappy Dwarf with high CON and high STR.

Dark Alliance Bruenor Build

Seeing as you are the go-to tank for Dark Alliance, Bruenor is at his best when you prioritize building CON on him. From here, you can choose to beef out your STR so your hits are more meaningful and you aren't just a damage sponge, or you can look to put more points into CHA to get more of those sweet ultimates off.

Melee Attacks

  • Fierce Combo
  • Steel Launcher
  • Light Combo
  • Blocking Crusher
  • Backhand Spinner
  • Rising Axe

AoE Attacks

  • War Song
  • Stomping Quake
  • For Clan Battlehammer!
  • Anvil of Clanggedin

Ranged Attacks

  • Shield Check
  • Lunging Axe

Multi-hit Attacks

  • Rolling Boulder
  • Frostwave Grind

In terms of skill trees, Bruneor comes equipped with The Hammer, The Anvil, and The Forge for his three options of what tree to pursue.

Say you are scrapping the idea of Bruneor as a tank and want to beef him out in full STR right out the gate. The Hammer is easily the best build for Bruneor to be a glass cannon, with some support aspects thrown in there (think an Elemental Shaman in Classic WoW). While you do gain bonuses from your attacks like 10% physical damage bonus for 3 seconds after sprinting, you are also still rewarded for parrying and blocking, eventual feats in The Hammer are unlocked that give you attack bonuses for hitting parrys or blocks.

To really get the value out of Bruenor's full CON tank build, The Anvil is the way to go. The first few feats right out the gate grant you a 10% max HP bonus, 15% less stamina cost, and a 15% armor bonus. The Anvil is no slouch when it comes to eating up some hits.

Lastly, The Forge serves as the utility tree, granting Bruneor with feats like 10% max stamina bonus, increasing his usables, reduction in merchant prices, etc.