Dark Alliance Drizzt Build: How to Play Drizzt

Promo art of Drizzt Do'Urden in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance
Promo art of Drizzt Do'Urden in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance / Wizards of the Coast

Drizzt is one of the playable characters in the newest Dungeons & Dragons game, Dark Alliance.

Dark Alliance Drizzt Build

Drizzt's preferred weapons are his dual scimitars, and his main stat is DEX. Considering he is a stealthy unit, prioritizing his main stat makes the most sense. Additionally, you can build him INT and CHA for cooldowns.

Melee Attacks

  • Light Attack
  • Closed Scissors
  • Double Lunge
  • Hilt Punch
  • Thousand Stings

AoE Attacks

  • Dark Portal
  • Well of Darkness
  • Near Conjure
  • Gloom Splash

Ranged Attacks

  • Double Flip Strike
  • Dark Hand
  • Fierce Flip Strike
  • Sphere of Darkness

Multi-Hit Attacks

  • Aether Slash
  • Scimitar Slam
  • Sliding Slice
  • Fierce Parry

Additionally, Drizzit has a few different paths you can go down for different feats and moves. You can choose The Hunter, The Ranger, or Expertise.

Expertise is more of a utility tree, giving you feats like Endurance which gives you a 10% max Stamina bonus, or Keen Mind which gives you 15% CDR straight up.

The Hunter tree is all about burst and crit, giving feats like Improved Critical Hit, increasing your base critical hit damage by +30%.

Interestingly, The Ranger acts as more of a tank than anything else, with each feat in the tree being about bonus armor and converting your current DEX stat into armor.