Dark Alliance Wulfgar Build Guide

Wulfgar is Dark Alliance's resident barbarian.
Wulfgar is Dark Alliance's resident barbarian. / Photo courtesy of Tuque Games/Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance's Wulfgar is a classic brawler-style character, prioritizing strength and constitution. He can deal plenty of high-damage attacks, mostly in a straight line. Here's a solid barbarian-style build Wulfgar can employ for impressive physical damage through melee damage.

Dark Alliance Wulfgar Barbarian Build Guide

Wulfgar's most important stat is his Strength, both because it boosts his attack damage — this build's primary focus — and because it makes his armor more effective, allowing him to withstand the onslaught he'll soak up when going buckwild on enemy hordes. Aim for a minimum of 16 Strength.

Constitution is the second most important stat for Wulfgar, as it governs stamina, stamina regeneration and maximum HP. Your minimum here should be around 13.

Finally, solid Charisma can be a boon for Wulfgar, allowing his Ultimate Attack to come online more often. Aim for a minimum of 10 points here.

Any excess points can be split across those three stats to keep things basic, poured into Wisdom for better resistances, or Intelligence to deal more elemental damage.

For abilities, you'll want Aegis Throw and Shockwave. Aegis Throw lets you deal immense damage in a straight line, while Shockwave will let you damage and slow the enemies trying to mob you. These are your main offensive and defensive powers, respectively. For your Ultimate Attack, choose Wrath of Tempus. You'll want to pop it when you're surrounded by enemies, and if they're already slowed by Shockwave, so much the better.

You should take the following moves:

  • Elk Stomp
  • Grind Launcher
  • Nail Basher
  • Gap Closer
  • Arc Swing
  • Guard-Breaker
  • Footstep of Tempus
  • Shockwave
  • Heavy Launcher
  • Backstep Spinner
  • Shovel Back
  • Rage Spin
  • Magma Summons

Feats are the simplest part of this build, as you'll want to max out The Wolf tree before you go anywhere else. This will make you as offensively powerful as possible. Once that's filled out, head over to The Elk portion to bump your survivability up with Tough, Hardy, Resilient, Medium Armor Master and Danger Sense. Finally, you can turn to the Pack Hunter tree for Athletic, Endurance, Keen Mind, and Pact Rat.