Dark Moon Dota 2 was a special event in early 2017 that had players defend Selemene's temple from waves of enemy invaders. Playing enough earned points that could be traded for special rewards. Here's what you need to know about the mode.

Dark Moon Dota 2: What You Need to Know

In Dark Moon, one team of five Dota 2 players guarded against an army of NPC attacked for 15 rounds, pouring down four lanes toward the player's base. In each round, different enemies would spawn and the difficulty would rise.

Players gained experience globally whenever enemies were killed, and enemies occasionally dropped gold bags when they died that players could pick up by walking over. Enemies also dropped health or mana potions.

Players would lose the game either if the enemies managed to destroy the Ancient, or if all five players died before round 15.

As of now, Valve has made no indication that it plans to bring the mode back.

Photo courtesy of Valve