Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Won't Make PS VR2 Launch

Supermassive Games

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has been delayed, meaning it will no longer release in time for the PS VR2 launch.

Upcoming rail-shooter, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is a spin-off from The Dark Pictures Anthology. The game takes players through various locations from the first four games of the anthology's first season.

Alongside the PS VR2 headset, the game will make use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, allowing players to immerse themselves into horror title. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was originally set to launch alongside the PS VR2 on Feb. 22, 2023, but yesterday developer Supermassive Games released a statement with an updated launch date for the game.

The statement, posted to Twitter, read: "It has always been our aim to release in the launch window of the new PS VR2 headset but it is also massively important to us that you, the players, receive the most polished, terrifying experience possible when you strap in for your first ride in Switchback VR.

"With this in mind, we have made the diificult decision to set a new launch date of March 16th, 2023."

With this new launch date, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will no longer release alongside the PS VR2 headset. Sony previously revealed that a number of games would still be launching during the headset's release window, which includes the first few months after its launch.