Darumaka Pokemon GO: Secrets and Lost Origins

Darumaka Pokemon GO: Secrets to this Pokemon you never knew
Darumaka Pokemon GO: Secrets to this Pokemon you never knew / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Darumaka Pokemon GO is said to be based on an ancient Japanese traditional doll.

Darumaka is a Pokemon originally introduced in Generation 5 with the Unova region. It is a spirited little fire-type best known for its excited intensity in battle. In the main series games, it eventually evolves into Darmanitan at level 35. Darumaka is one of the few Pokemon who got an alternate ice-type form in the Galar region. Fortunately, with the Unova Week Ultra Unlock from last month's annual Pokemon GO Fest event, Niantic Labs has given trainers more opportunities to encounter it.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Darumaka in Pokemon GO.

Darumaka Pokemon GO

Darumaka has a maximum CP of 1442. Its attack stat is 153, defense is 86, and stamina is 172. It can have a health pool of 147. Most trainers elect to evolve it into Darmanitan with the use of 50 candies.

As the pre-evolved form, Darumaka has little demand aside from its cute factor or as candy fodder. However, for those trainers looking to spend time with their enthusiastic friend immediately, Darumaka's best moveset consists of the quick move Fire Fang or Ice Fang and the charged move Flame Charge or Ice Beam.

Its PokeDex number is 554. Darumaka is best known for its inability to calm down. It spends its time running around until its internal fire diminishes, which sends it off to sleep until the cycle repeats. During sleep, it pulls all its limbs into its body, and its temperature drops to 1100° F.

Meanwhile, Galarian Darumaka is the opposite. It thrives on cold conditions and only gets more lively as the temperature drops.

Visually, Unovian Darumaka resembles a "Daruma" doll. It has a round, bright red-orange body with yellow detailing and large white circular eyes and black pupils.

Many believe that Daruma dolls are talismans of good luck and prosperity. In fact, some even use them to make wishes or set goals. Its eyes are originally blank and are only to be filled in when the wish or goal is set and then when it comes to fruition.

Galarian Darumaka changes its fiery coloring for a cooler palette consisting largely of white with pale blue accents. Additionally, its design is largely sharper and more angular.