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DarwinStreams Adds Brigitte to OverFighter Roster

courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Popular creator DarwinStreams has now added Brigitte to the roster of playable characters in his fighting-style game mode, OverFighter, this past Sunday.

DarwinStreams Adds Brigitte to OverFighter Roster

Darwin has been creating unique tools and Overwatch game modes since Blizzard's release of Overwatch Workshop—a simplified game creation program that can be used to create new scenarios for the game. He is best known for projects like Torbjornball and Overwatch Paint, among other useful uploads. OverFighter is his uncontested most popular submission.

Made in Overwatch Workshop, OverFighter is a 1-v-1 fighting game inspired by titles like Tekken and Street Fighter. It was launched in June and has since become one of the most popular projects available for play on the platform.

Brigitte is the sixth hero to be added since the game's release.

This version—v1.1—also includes a few minor tweaks such as buffs to Torbjorn and Winston, balance shifts for Genji, a two-point increase in the score needed to win, a brief starting stun to eliminate unfair attacks between players, and a few other quality changes to the overall mode.

Players can access these updates with the new code: NKNK9.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard