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DarwinStreams Creates Lúcio Pro Skater in Overwatch

Overwatch Workshop all-star DarwinStreams returned Saturday with Lúcio Pro Skater.

Overwatch Workshop mastermind DarwinStreams returned Saturday with another creative new game mode, this one based on the classic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise.

The game mode, which Darwin calls Lúcio Pro Skater, is built around the irrepressible support hero's wall riding ability. Overwatch players earn points by wall riding as long as possible, and by performing aerial spins.

To make wall riding a little easier, players can go up and down the wall at will. They can also use Lúcio's secondary fire to bounce themselves back up toward the wall.

Players can compete to earn the highest scores possible in much the same way they can in the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, though with a noticeable lack of flips and board tricks. Spinning is the only real trick offered by this game mode, but even that makes for an enjoyable playing and viewing experience.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard