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DarwinStreams Visualizes McCree Damage Falloff in Overwatch Workshop

DarwinStreams has created an Overwatch Workshop mode to visualize McCree's damage falloff.

DarwinStreams has added another Overwatch Workshop creation to his growing list of homemade practice tools with his latest: McCree Damage Falloff Visualized.

Shared to Twitter on Saturday, the Overwatch Workshop mode makes it easy to see how much damage each McCree bullet will deal by projecting the number above the head of its target. It also includes dynamic in-game markers that show the range at which damage falloff begins and ends.

According to Darwin's testing, damage falloff isn't linear. Instead, the falloff rate increases up to a certain range before slowing down again. Without exact numbers from Blizzard, Darwin's Workshop creation is forced to approximate the function, leading to damage display numbers within one point of actual damage dealt.

In a description posted on Reddit, Darwin also wrote that the mode couldn't account for headshots or armor because of lacking Workshop functionality.

Players can try out the mode for themselves with the code TN698.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard