Data Mined Images Hint at New Items for Apex Legends

Data miners have been busy revealing items for Apex Legends since the game first launched. Voice lines, skins, items, weapons, new abilities, and new Legends have all been leaked at one time or another. In one of the biggest leaks to date, we've got some weird items.

One of the strangest items in the latest leak is the spider item. It's hard to tell what it is and what it could do. It could be some type of explosive, scout, or creature that attacks enemies for you.

It could even be a creature apart of the map and has no player agency. The item could also be tied to a specific Legend and can only be used by them. That would be an interesting ability. We've already have a drone controlled by a Legend, what about a swarm of spiders that cover a certain area of the map.

It would be hilarious to see enemy players spraying bullets at the ground trying to stop a swarm of spiders.

Photo courtesy of sradgirl555