Dave the Diver and Godzilla Crossover Revealed

Godzilla is coming to Dave the Diver soon!
Godzilla is coming to Dave the Diver soon! / MINTROCKET

Dave the Diver became a hit worldwide due to its dynamic gameplay, quirky characters, engaging story, and amazing pixelated graphics. The deep-sea adventure game was only available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, but PlayStation players will enjoy it in 2024. Godzilla will also make an appearance in the latest Dave the Diver crossover!

Dave the Diver and Godzilla Crossover Revealed

The Godzilla crossover surprised fans when it was announced during the State of Play Announce Trailer. Only a little information about the free Godzilla crossover was covered. The teaser only lasted for a minute, showing the menacing monster emerging from the water and marching towards Bancho Sushi, the shop where Dave works in the original game. The developers are “introducing even more enormous threats lurking in the depths,” so we’ll likely battle more giants underwater. 

The trailer states the crossover will be released in May 2024, but the PlayStation version of the game will come out on PS4 and PS5 sometime in April. 

Those looking for more Dave the Diver content may want to check out the DLC featuring Dredge. Dredge is another sea-adventure video game about a fisherman who slowly unravels the secrets of a mysterious town as he visits the island while on the job. Dredge has a spooky atmosphere, so it’s perfect for horror fans. This DLC is also available for free! 

How to Start the Dredge/Dave the Diver DLC

Players must purchase the Dave the Diver base game to download the Dredge content pack. After that, gamers will need to do a couple of things before starting the DLC. They must unlock the chicken coup and buy a chicken before checking their weather app for thick, foggy weather. Then they can venture into the world of Dredge.