Days Gone Crashing PS4: Days Gone 1.07 Released to Fix

Days Gone crashing on PS4 became a common occurrence for many players after Patch 1.06. The PlayStation 4 received a rather quick hotfix, as Days Gone 1.07 was released Wednesday.

Days Gone Patch 1.07 was released simply to fix those crashing problems.

Days Gone Crashing PS4

After Patch 1.06 was released, many quickly realized something wasn't right. Players flooded the forums looking for answers, but no one had one. That's when Bend Studio took action.

Days Gone 1.07 Released

Patch 1.07 was released less than 24 hours after the problems arose, and it quickly fixed the problem. The update was only 131 MB. There were no patch notes to explain the process or what is actually inside the patch, but the crashes stopped after that, so it's assumed it was only focused on the crashes.

Photo courtesy of Bend Studio