Days Gone Drugged Outta His Mind: How to Complete the Mission

Day Gone Drugged Outta His Mind is a mission that many players have found to be a sticking point in their play experience. One part of the mission in particular has confounded players en masse, leading some to think they're being stymied by a bug. Here's how to complete the mission.

Day Gone Drugged Outta His Mind: How to Complete the Mission

Drugged Outta His Mind tasks players with hunting down a biker named Drifter. Drifter is the titular "drugged outta his mind" character, who caused the deaths of several people in the Copeland camp.

While pursuing him, players will come across the corpses lying by a small tank. Here's where the game gets finicky: It requires that the player have brought their motorcycle to the location, and that the motorcycle meets a certain threshold of gasoline.

After bringing your bike to the location in question, head on foot down the paved road heading west. You should reach a NERO Checkpoint with sufficient gasoline in stock. Bring it back to your bike, and you'll be able to continue through the mission.

Photo courtesy of SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment