Days Gone Patjens Lake Infestation: Where to Find

Days Gone Patjens Lake Infestation needs to be cleared out before certain routes can be accessed. Here is where to find them.

Days Gone Patjens Lake Infestation

There will be a lot of Freakers in this area so be wary. There are three Infestation sites that will need to be eliminated.

The spot closest to the north of the map could be the most difficult. There are a lot of Freakers, but it is possible to sneak through this area and climb the nearby radio tower, well there will be a lot of loot as well as a suppressor. Take out the zombies.

The remaining two infestations are near one another. One is a building along the road side while the other is in an abandoned trailer south of the building. There will be a ton of Freaker activity at night, so it would be wise to clear these infestations during the day. Watch out for possible swarms at night time too.

In sum, clear each area slowly and you should be fine. Make sure you take on the infestations with ample supplies such as Molotov cocktails, as there are not few ways to replenish your supplies in this area.

So far, Days Gone is only available on PS4. It was released on April 26 starting at $59.99.

Photo courtesy of SIE Bend Studio and Sony