Days Gone Update 1.05 Patch Notes: Everything You Need to Know

Days Gone Update 1.05 arrived Sunday bringing changes to the game. Going into the update, fans are likely hoping for a fix to the game-breaking audio bug plaguing the game. The bug, which removes all environmental sounds from the game, badly disrupts the play experience, and appears to be both easily triggered and widespread. Here's how developer SIE Bend Studio has responded to the bug.

Days Gone Update 1.05 Patch Notes

The patch released Sunday is only 136 MB, indicating few changes. Patch notes weren't immediately available on release, but have since been publicized by SIE Bend Studio. Here are the patch notes in full:

  • Bug Fixes

Truly insightful. Additionally, players are reporting that the audio bug has persisted through the update. The upside for players still seeing that bug is players may have isolated the inciting incident: upgrading their motorcycle to the quieter exhaust. Reverting to the original exhaust appears to prevent the bug from appearing.

Photo courtesy of SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment