DayZ Secrets of Livonia Update 1.19 Adds New Guns, Bunkers, and More: Full Patch Notes Detailed

Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive have released the 1.19 update for DayZ. Here are the full patch notes for Secrets of Livonia.

DayZ's latest update, Secrets of Livonia, is the game's biggest update of the year. Plenty of new content, enhanced features, and more have been added to the ever growing world of DayZ. This update focuses primarily on the game's DLC map, Livonia, which is available on both PC and console.

The map has been given a variety of new locations and POIs, set to make traversing the region even more exciting and dangerous. Below, we've listed the full patch notes for this latest update.

DayZ Secrets of Livonia Update 1.19: Full Patch Notes

Livonia Map Updates

New Locations and POIs:

Enter the dark corridors of the new underground bunker.
Enter the dark corridors of the new underground bunker. / Bohemia Interactive
  • Added sawmills
  • Added two new villages
  • Added Brena health care center
  • Added quarries
  • Added deforested areas
  • Added hunting cabins
  • Added forest camps
  • Added summer camps
  • Added tenement blocks to selected cities
  • Added amusement parks
  • Added Dambog ammunition storage
  • Added M1025 wrecks that can spawn its parts
  • Added underground bunker

Reworked Vehicle Simulations, Bug Fixes

The new M1025.
The new M1025. / Bohemia Interactive

Update 1.19 fixes issues such as flying cars. Driving has been improved to offer a more authentic experience. Players can use the hand break, carry spare wheels in special slots, use the car horn.

The update also sees the addition of the M1025 — a new drivable military vehicle.

New Guns

New guns and equipment have been added in 1.19.
New guns and equipment have been added in 1.19. / Bohemia Interactive

New weaponry has been added, including the SSG 82 sniper rifle and the BK-18 break action, single-shot shotgun.


A new GPS receiver has been added, making terrain navigation a lot easier. The receiver works with the in-game map.

  • Blowtorch
  • Punched card
  • Glow plug

Bleeding Indicators

Bleeding is now shown in the form of blood dripping on the screen.

Dynamic Events

Police situations and military convoys now spawn around the map.

Controller Updates

Fixes exploits and allows for more natural movement.


  • Wolves and bears were able to hit players in vehicles
  • The improvised suppressor would not display the correct model when ruined and detached from the weapon
  • Public address system panels sometimes could not be started even when they had a battery in them
  • Display of other characters in prone did not include inclination and rolling
  • Attempting to roll while lying on your back would consume stamina
  • It was possible to cancel the rolling animation by entering iron sights
  • Fixed several bugs that would clip the player through the terrain
  • Reduced clipping of 40mm smoke grenades through geometry
  • Dead bodies on top of a bear trap would reduce its damage significantly
  • Torches and brooms could not be ignited indoors
  • Grenades attached to vests would not explode when the vest was destroyed in a fireplace
  • Switching tabs in the server browser too fast could prevent servers from loading
  • The kitchen timer was not always rendered inside the improvised explosive
  • It was possible to cover an improvised explosive with a garden plot
  • The claymore mine could not be disarmed in some cases
  • A ruined remote trigger attached to a tripwire would still trigger
  • When approaching an explosive charge with a remote detonator, the UI would pretend that multiple options are available
  • An ignited torch in hands would not extinguish while swimming with it
  • Dead characters would still display a "strong pulse"
  • The characters arm would clip into the body when running with the fireworks launcher
  • Cooking sounds would persist on the spot even after the cooking ware was removed
  • The AUR A1 with magazine was slightly cropped when displayed in hands in the inventory
  • Vehicles would give off exhaust smoke only when started for the first time
  • The cargo of the Assault Vest and -Pack were not displayed separately
  • Plastic explosives close to an explosion did not take damage
  • Jumping into a steep hill caused the character to "float" to the top
  • Fixed a game crash related to loading and saving of characters
  • Items with attachments without cargo were closed by default in vicinity and equipment
  • It was not possible to target a vehicle engine with melee attacks
  • It was possible to refuel cars vehicles even when the tank was ruined
  • The radiator of the Sarka 120 was accessible even when the hood was closed
  • The player camera would fall faster than their character from huge heights
  • It was not possible to scroll between several attached items to remove from the M3S
  • Characters were getting wet from rain while sitting in vehicles
  • Changed materials of several objects for more accurate sounds and bullet penetration
  • It was not possible to put the KA and M4-A1 Bayonets into the knife slot
  • It was possible to cook using ruined cookware
  • Inventory descriptions were not showing properly in 21:9 aspect ratio
  • The character could get stuck behind opened doors
  • A sound effect was missing for gas masks running out of filter capacity
  • It was possible to bury stashes in several places where it shouldn't have been possible
  • Vehicles did not produce smoke consistently when driving with a radiator with insufficient water
  • The vicinity tab of the inventory could disappear in certain cases
  • Launching the game with 6 monitors would result in a game crash
  • Fixed various object placement fixes for the Chernarus map
  • Fixed several building issues


  • Reworked the simulation of vehicles, greatly impacting their general behavior
  • Tweaked vehicle simulation parameters on surfaces for vehicles
  • Reduced the speed of the player when running up/down steep terrain
  • Increased the inertia of the character when accelerating
  • Character slows down more when running turns
  • Character running speed is slowed down in medium water levels
  • 40mm smoke grenades now bounce off of wooden and metal surfaces and deal damage on impact
  • It is no longer required to aim to the ground to empty a liquid container
  • Fish, hares and chicken can no longer be skinned using the mosin bayonet
  • Reduced the amount of explosives needed to break open a locked door
  • Improved the holding of the remote detonator receiver in players' hands
  • Improved synchronization of the stealth kill
  • Improved sounds of the gas station explosion
  • Damaged fuel tanks can now be repaired using duct tape or epoxy putty
  • Vehicles are now ruined when their fuel tank is ruined
  • All optics can now be repaired using the electronics repair kit
  • Decreased the improvement of the immune system by high energy/hydration levels on average
  • Most of the items in the world now have their damage state randomized
  • Reduced the chance of weapons jamming by about 50% to account for damaged magazines now appearing more often
  • Slightly increased brightness of the scene during daylight and reduced the difference between overcast and clear days
  • It is now possible to untie another player with bare hands
  • Updated the in-game credits
  • Tweaked the lights distance and brightness for the headtorch and flashlight types
  • The character now turns their head when looking around on ladders
  • Tweaked the font settings on the in-game 2D map
  • Sea chests and wooden crates can be repaired using wooden planks
  • The pipe wrench can no longer be used to repair vehicle engines
  • The common cold should appear less frequently when the character is cold
  • All optics apart from night-vision scopes can be repaired using the electronics repair kit
  • Reduced water required to extinguish a fire when using the canister
  • Added a warning red line to the cooling water temperature in the vehicle HUD
  • Moved various hunting rifles into higher tiers and re-balanced their numbers
  • Re-balanced number of ammunition available within the world (increased number of piles, decreased the count in each)
  • Reduced number of firearms available in the world (CE adjustment)