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DBD Light in the Fog: How You Can Donate

Light in the Fog event will start on July 9
Light in the Fog event will start on July 9 / Photo by Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight’s Light in the Fog event is an event set out with the goal to inspire the DBD community to work together and help the community’s own, Puppers, and his fight against ALS. Here’s how you can donate to the DBD Light in the Fog.

The Light in the Fog event will run from July 9-11. Here, community members and non-community members will be able to watch 60+ of their favorite Dead by Daylight content creators in a friendly competition. Watchers will also be able to influence the gameplay through the usage of Streamloots cards. 

According to their website, their mission is “to educate and inspire the Dead by Daylight community to band together and empower one of their own, Puppers, in his fight against ALS.” For more information on Puppers and his story, Light in the Fog has put up a page dedicated to him, noting his start as a gamer, his career as a streamer, and lastly his fight with ALS.

DBD Light in the Fog: How You Can Donate

In order to donate to the Light in the Fog event, watchers can visit here. There are two ways to donate to the cause. First, is streamloots support packs, here they can purchase supporter packs with an amount of choice, 100% of the donation will go towards Puppers. 

The other option is participants will be auctioning unique items during the days leading up to the event with all of the proceeds going to Puppers.