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DBD Pinhead Release Date: When Does the Killer Arrive?

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight's Pinhead release date is still slightly unknown. Behaviour Interactive released The Cenobite on the PTB on Aug. 17. When it goes live is still up to debate. Based on footage from the PTB, there aren't too many bugs so far, so it shouldn't take BE too long to fix them.

DBD Pinhead Release Date: When Does the Killer Arrive?

UPDATE: Sept. 3, 2021
The Hellraiser chapter will release on Sept. 7.

My guess is the Pinhead will hit live servers sometime next week or the week after that. This will give BI plenty of time to fix any issues and balance the new killer. So far, Pinhead has a rather strong anti-loop with decent map presence. He plays much like Freddy. It will be interesting to see whether he can break the meta.

The Cenobite's most interesting ability is his Lament Configuration.

"If left alone, the Lament Configuration eventually initiates a Chain Hunt by summoning Chains to pursue Survivors. The Chain Hunt ends when a Survivor picks up the Lament Configuration."

"Survivors can see the Aura of the Lament Configuration, which is either white (idle) or yellow (Chain Hunt). A Survivor carrying the Lament Configuration suffers from the  Status Effect and Chains will occasionally be summoned to attack them. The Survivor must solve the Lament Configuration to remove it from their possession. While doing this, The Cenobite will see their location and be able to teleport to it. When The Cenobite picks up the Lament Configuration, a Chain Hunt is activated.
Additionally, all Survivors are instantly bound by Chains, causing them to scream and reveal their locations. The Lament Configuration will spawn in a new location after The Cenobite or a Survivor has used it."

BI will spend most of the week balancing the teleporting killer and making sure he's ready at launch.