DBLTAP Partners With US Navy to Bring Original Content to Fans

We are thrilled to announce that the US Navy is partnering with DBLTAP to bring new
and original content to esports fans, among other partners including Evil Geniuses,
Twitch, and ESL to bring them closer to the esports community.

Evil Geniuses will partner with US Navy to help train the Navy’s first ever Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, while Twitch will produce an episodic video series comparing Navy sailors with the team at EG.

We at DBLTAP are developing the US Navy’s “Role Comparison” video series. We want to highlight the similarities between the different roles in esports as well as the US Navy. The series depicts, as with the Navy, in esports there are multiple roles that exist in teams to help them succeed. DBLTAP's content team will be working with esports organizations and the Navy to identify top players from high-ranking teams to compare different ranks in the Navy with specific roles on an esports team.

“It’s a real excitement to be partnered with the US Navy to help them reach the new generation of servicemen and women. We hope that our content will help young esports fans realize that there is more to esports players and Navy squadrons than they might think. As more branches of the military get involved with esports it's great to see the US Navy focus on bringing unique and original content that will engage fans," Michael Murphy O’ Reilly, Director Esports & Gaming at Minute Media, said.

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