DC and Epic Games Announce Batman/Fortnite: Foundation

Photo by Epic Games

DC and Epic Games are pairing up once again to follow up on their successful collaboration - Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. The comic introduced Batman into the world of Fortnite and all it entails. The sequel is set to be named Batman/Fortnite: Foundation which is likely a nod towards the Fortnite character of the same name, a member of the group 'the Seven.'

The new comic is set to release on Oct. 26. While Epic Games and DC have not released any information on what the story will consist of, there are a couple of clues that can point us towards what may be inside. The new character, Foundation, may be the story's main villain, as he recently joined the Fortnite universe riding in on a meteor.

DC and Epic Games Announce Batman/Fortnite: Foundation

The previous comic was written by Donald Mustard of Epic Games and Christos Gage of DC Comics. Batman/Fortnite: Foundation will see the same team collaborate with the addition of Scott Snyder: a prolific Batman writer. This mix is set to certainly create a strong story.

The ending of Zero Point saw Batman and his team escape the Fortnite world. But in a twist, something happened that allowed the DC world and the Fortnite world to stay intertwined, creating a perfect lead up into the new comic. If you haven't read the previous one already, you only have a little time left to get acquainted before the new one comes out.