DDOS Protection Finally Added to Apex Legends Ranked

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has revealed that Predator, Master and Diamond players in Apex Legends Ranked will receive DDOS protection.

Ranked in Apex Legends is serious business. Players are matched up against opponents of a similar skill to prove themselves as some of the best competitors around. Depending on how well they perform, players are awarded points that allows them to advance through the rank tiers.

The highest ranks that players are aiming for is Diamond, Master and then Predator, where the best of the best duke it out. Sadly, not every player is out to earn their ranks in an honest way. making use of cheats, aim bots and other third-party software to get an unfair advantage on their opponents.

One of the biggest problems to occur in high-level Ranked matches are server and DDOS attacks that shut down lobbies.

Apex Legends Ranked Gets DDOS Protection for Predator, Master and Diamond.

Respawn have taken some extra steps to minimize the disruption in Ranked matches, rolling out DDOS protection for those in Diamond, Master and Predator tiers.

Respawn announced the roll-out on Jan. 25, via Twitter, saying, "We've just rolled out DDOS protection for Diamond through Predator lobbies. This will be noted by a small shield symbol next to your server."

"While this is still ever-evolving, we'd love to know what you think," the tweet continued.

The announcement was met with praise and relief from Apex players. Apex streamer @sweetdreams said, "Huge W, love the in game icon to know something is working. and even better just nice to know things like this are actively worked on and prioritized."

Be on the look out for the shield icon in your server to know whether or not you're protected from these attacks in your next Ranked game.