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Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB Streamer Additions Listed

Image Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Developers of Dead by Daylight have added new streamer options to the latest iteration (6.2.0) of their Public Test Build server.

Dead by Daylight is described on its website as "the world’s deadliest game of hide and seek, where horror's greatest franchises collide." The game features characters from classic horror movies and films, competing in an online multiplayer format where one player tries to annihilate four others.

The Game's Public Test Build server or PTB, allows the game's devs to test out new features and receive feedback from the community before implementing them on a larger scale. The PTB is only available to Steam players of Dead by Daylight, so if the Steam crowd likes the updates, they become available on other consoles and platforms as well.

Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB Streamer Additions

PTB 6.2.0 players were introduced to several new features on Aug. 9, notably, an expanded set of options for players who choose to stream their sessions. Listed on the DBD PTB forum, they are "intended to help reduce targeting and harassment of players who stream the game."

Features like Anonymous Mode, Hide Your Name, Hide Other Player Names, and Hidden Matchmaking Delay, will surely help players stay unknown to potential harassers and feel safe. Well, as safe as one can feel in a realistic horror game on the run from Freddy Kreuger or one of his buddies.