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Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Crossover Explained

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Dead by Daylight has an upcoming crossover with the hit anime series, Attack on Titan. This is the first time the two sides have partnered together for a crossover.

Dead by Daylight is known to do crossovers. They have had several in the past such as Stranger Things, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street to name a few. Attack on Titan now makes the list of DbD crossovers.

Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Crossover Explained

The launch date for this crossover is yet to be officially confirmed, but according to Behavior Interactive, it will be released sometime later this month.

Several AOT-themed charms will be added to the game, including a Cadet Corps Charm and a Scout Regiment Crest Charm. The Cadet Corps Charm will be unlocked by logging into DBD during the mid-season release. The Scout Regiment Chest Charm will be unlocked by purchasing any three of the AOT-themed cosmetics.

The AOT characters themselves will not be added as playable characters in this crossover. But, the current characters in the game will be able to wear special AOT skin designs. The current DBD characters receiving designs will be Dwight and Zarina.

Zarina will be receiving skins resembling Hange Zo and Dwight will receive an Eren Yaeger skin. Additionally, the armored titan will be added as well as a skin for The Oni. For now, this is all the information about character skins. In total there will be ten total skins available.