Dead by Daylight Aug. 23 Developer Update Detailed

Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

With the last developer update, Behaviour Interactive reworked dozens of perks for both killers and survivors, focusing on balancing the game and changing up the meta. As it currently stood, there were only a handful of perks players were using because of how strong they were in the game.

After weeks of testing, Behaviour has tweaked a few things to help with balance and also made changes for the benefit of the community. One of those is bloodpoints. After removing the bonus bloodpoints earned with perks like Barbecue and Chili, and We’re Gonna Live Forever, players were complaining that it was taking too long to unlock bloodwebs, so Behaviour has reduced the price.

To help with tunneling, Behaviour made Borrowed Time a basic feature when unhooking players, but it hasn't been enough. So now, Behaviour increased the feature even more.

"In 6.2.0, we will be increasing the duration of the Haste & Endurance effects to 10 seconds. Additionally, we’ll be increasing the Haste effect to 10% increased speed (from 7%)."

This should allow players enough time to escape the clutches of the killer who is trying to tunnel them out of the game.

Albert Wesker Changes

"We’ve also polished the way Virulent Bound interacts with pallets & windows. During the PTB, Survivors would not take damage if The Mastermind bounded towards them as they were vaulting. This was not intentional: The Mastermind will now hit them with his tentacles if they’re caught in the middle of a vault. Additionally, Survivors could wait on the other side of a pallet, vaulting back over it before The Mastermind could attack after vaulting. Going forward, standing too close to a vault location as The Mastermind bounds over it will result in the Survivor being injured."

"Next, we’ve revisited his power in loops. We found his base movement speed between bounds to be a little slow, making it difficult to get into position for another bound. For the release, we have increased The Mastermind’s movement speed between bounds to 2.76m/s (from 2.3m/s)- the speed previously achieved by using The Loose Crank add-on. Since this add-on has been added the base kit, we have reduced its movement speed bonus to 8% (from 20%) to compensate for a new total of 2.98m/s."

Perk Changes


"For the release, we have removed the cooldown of Reassurance. Instead, Reassurance can only be used once per hook instance. The effects of this perk can still be chained together if multiple Survivors are running Reassurance for a maximum delay of 90 seconds. This will keep the perk’s effects potent without being abusable."

Awakened Awareness

"For the release, we’ve removed the lingering aura reading from Awakened Awareness. As a result, Lethal Pursuer will no longer extend the duration of Awakened Awareness’ aura reading."

Low Profile

"For the release, we have changed this to include any time you are the only Survivor who is not dying, hooked, or dead as well, allowing it to activate throughout the match. Additionally, Low Profile will also mask your grunt of pain in addition to its existing effects."

Better Than New

  • Better Than New now grants a 12%/14%/16% action speed bonus to healing, chest opening, and totem cleansing & blessing.
  • Better Than New no longer has a duration. Survivors instead keep this bonus until the next time they take damage.

While these are all welcoming changes to the PTB, players are still waiting for the official release for Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W. Based on the PTB blog, it should be coming in the next few weeks so keep your eyes out for an official announcement.