Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Leaked Cosmetics

Courtesy of Behaviour

Dead By Daylight seems to have some of its cosmetics leaked for its upcoming Chapter 25 release. Chapter 25 is planned to release on Aug. 30 at 11:00 p.m. ET.

Despite only being released back in June 2016, Dead By Daylight has already managed to release 24 chapters, with Chapter 25 releasing later today. Dead By Daylight treats chapters similarly to how most games use seasons, with each chapter giving players new content such as killers, survivors and plenty of gameplay tweaks and cosmetics. Chapter 25 will feature a return of Resident Evil content to the horror game.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Leaked Cosmetics

Twitter user DBDLeaks, who's garnered a following of nearly 200,000 followers, regularly posts leaks for upcoming content arriving to Dead by Daylight. In their latest posts, they've been releasing in-game screenshots as well as concept art of cosmetics coming with Chapter 25.

In the leaks, Dead By Daylight survivors can be seen in Resident Evil apparel. The Dead By Daylight characters are dressed up as Resident Evil staples including Carlos Oliveira, Sheva Alomar and plenty more. There is also concept art of the characters, still clearly in survival mode, but in a more tropical resort aesthetic. The return of Resident Evil is sure to bring plenty of new content to Dead By Daylight, which after six years continues to have a thriving player base.