Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Developer Update Focuses on Matchmaking Changes

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive had quite a bit to share with the community this past week. Besides the brand new chapter including a new killer, map, and survivor, the Dead by Daylight developers are working on matchmaking changes.

As with any multiplayer game, balancing can be a problem, and with such a heavy emphasis on teamplay, balancing solo survivors can be difficult. Sometimes, a single survivor can play well, but still de-rank because of the play of the team.

And vice versa, bad players can be carried by good teammates, allowing them to rank up without much contribution during the match.

DbD Developer Update Focuses on Matchmaking Changes

Here's what Behaviour Interactive shared on Thursday:

"Dead by Daylight is constantly changing, so it only makes sense for the matchmaking system to follow suit and continually evolve. We often make small tweaks behind the scenes to strike the right balance between wait times and match quality, but we’ve also been working on some bigger improvements to the matchmaking system thanks to your feedback. In this post, we’ll discuss two changes we’ll be making to the matchmaking system in the 6.4.0 update. These are:"

  • Team Based Ratings: Adjusting Survivor ratings based on the team’s performance as well as your own.
  • Extended Breaks: Better handling for players who are coming back from a break.

Based on the developer update, the biggest changes will be based on survivors escaping the trial. The system basically rewards you if you escape and punishes you if you die, but that can be difficult for survivors that like to help their team. So if you can help your teammates escape and you still end up dying, you'll be punished less. And if you're the only one to escape while the other three teammates die, you'll be rewarded less, incentivizing you to help your teammates more. The system isn't perfect, but it could help players feel rewarded for better teamplay.