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Dead by Daylight Disables the Clown Due to Unattended Movement Speed Increase

Dead by Daylight players are happy for the kill switch on The Clown. Behaviour Interactive announced they would be kill-switching The Clown temporarily due to the issues that were reported by players.

The kill switch on The Clown prevents him from being selected after an issue made him faster than intended. This prevention will continue until the issue is resolved. The issue was caused by The Clown's bottles which created a permanent haste effect. Once the issue is resolved, The Clown will be re-enabled.

What is a Kill Switch?

A Kill Switch is a recent feature added to Dead by Daylight. It gives the developers the ability to temporarily switch off any items/offerings/maps/cosmetics/characters that are causing game-breaking issues in the game, to ensure continued enjoyment. When the Kill Switch is used, the item/offering/cosmetic/character will not able to be selected. Maps are automatically removed from rotation and they will remain unable to be selected in Custom Games.

Dead by Daylight has created a specific page that players can check to see the Kill Switch Master List. The list has two sections where it lists the items that are enabled and disabled. Players can visit the page and read the summary of what is disabled and why. There is also a list of known issues that are not disabled.