Dead by Daylight Generator Speed and Killer Changes

Image courtesy of Behavior Interactive

Players have been wondering about the generator speed and Killer changes in Dead by Daylight since the 6th Anniversary Broadcast. Behaviour has now released detailed notes on both of these changes, and they are listed below along with the accompanying developer commentary.

Hopefully, these changes lead to more combat-filled games between the Survivors and Killer and a better experience for everyone!

General Killer Improvements 

"The average kill rates (how many Survivors are killed each trial, on average) are a little lower than we’d like – a sentiment echoed by many community members. To ensure the Killer feels like an unstoppable force to be feared, we’re making slight improvements to many aspects of Killer gameplay."

"We’ve reduced the time it takes to break walls and pallets by 10% (now 2.34 seconds, previously 2.6). Generators can also be kicked 10% faster than before (now 1.8 seconds, was 2 seconds). While these changes may seem small, a fraction of second can be the difference between hitting a Survivor and them reaching a pallet."

"Next, we’ve reduced the cooldown for successful basic attacks by 10% (now 2.7 seconds, previously 3 seconds) and reduced the duration of the Survivor’s speed boost upon being hit by 10% (now 1.8 seconds, was 2 seconds). Moving forward, Survivors will gain slightly less distance upon being hit, making it more difficult for them to run long distances to a safe area."

"Finally, we’ve tweaked Bloodlust to increase in power quicker than before. In most chases, Bloodlust does not activate, though there are rare cases where it can be necessary. The long build up often leaves the Killer in a bad spot even if they eventually get a hit. We are adjusting Bloodlust tiers to activate after 15/25/35 seconds of chasing rather than 15/30/45 seconds."

"As the first tier of Bloodlust has not changed, it will not be any more prevalent in the average chase. Bearing in mind the general improvements above, we expect Bloodlust will become even more uncommon outside of exceptional circumstances."

"Though slight, these changes affect every Killer and can have ramifications on the game. We will be watching closely to ensure that nothing gets out of hand."

Dead by Daylight Generator Speed and Killer Changes

Generator Speeds 

"When looking at the perks most used by Killers, there’s a very clear trend: any perk that helps prevent generators from being powered - slowdown perks for short - are favored. Corrupt Intervention, Pop Goes the Weasel, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, and Hex: Ruin are a few notable examples, and each are amongst the most popular perks."

"Many players feel like generators are powered too quickly without these perks, so we knew we needed to look at generators before making any perk changes. Slowdown perks should be an option, but not the only option to stay competitive."

"First: We have increased the time it takes to power a generator to 90 seconds (up from 80 seconds)." 

"Second: Kicking a generator will now instantly remove 2.5% of the maximum progress."