Dead by Daylight Killer Stats Revealed

Dead by Daylight Killer Stats Revealed
Dead by Daylight Killer Stats Revealed / Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has been one of the top games to play right now with it being Halloween season, now some major killer stats have been revealed for the game.

Dead by Daylight released a major update this past summer to better improve the gameplay and improve the overall kill rate within the game. Their work in the update seems to have paid off according to a major release Behaviour Interactive put out on Monday, Oct. 17.

Dead by Daylight Killer Stats Revealed

There is some new information to take into account when picking your character for Dead by Daylight. A recent post by the Dead by Daylight team shined a light on some of the big stats within the game, most noticeable the killers with the highest kill rate and the killer most picked by players.

The player most picked by players is the Mastermind, who was picked 16.16% of the time during all MMRs. The Mastermind also had one of the highest kill rates with a kill rate of 63.08%, not surprising that he is picked so often.

The highest kill rate belonged to Cenobite who had a kill rate of 63.79% in all MMRs and a 61.34% in top 5% MMRs. Even though Cenobite is so successful, he is not the highest-picked killer by a long shot. He is only picked 2.19% according to picks from all MMRs. That is almost 14% behind Mastermind for the top spot.

Players will have to think strategically when picking their killer in Dead by Daylight.