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Dead by Daylight Leaks Reveal Mid-Chapter Survivor

Image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

With the Mid-Chapter update on the horizon, some Dead by Daylight leaks have been hinting towards a new survivor.

Chapter 21 of Dead by Daylight launched earlier this month on Sept. 7. Players have since been getting to know the game's new killer, The Cenobite, known more colloquially as Pinhead from the Hellraiser series. Many fans have been wondering what's next for the chapter as the Mid-Chapter update approaches.

Thanks to some recent leaks, fans might not have to wonder for much longer. Reliable leaker, @LeaksDbd, took to Twitter to post some insider information on what could be planned for the Mid-Chapter update.

"We're getting closer to the Mid-Chapter, and some internal source tells me that new survivor is Female."

Considering the theme of the chapter perhaps this new survivor could be themed around Kirsty Cotton, Hellraiser's final girl. This wouldn't be the first themed survivor to come to a chapter. Previously we've seen the likes of Silent Hill's Cheryl Mason, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things, and Ash Williams from Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Some fans expressed some disappointment over the new Survivor being female, with many stating that it had been a while since the last male survivor was added to the game. When it comes to licenced characters, however, many of the popular horror franchises tend to feature the trope of the final girl. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that Dead by Daylight's Survivor roster leans towards a greater number of women. That being said, it seems the game is definitely overdue for a new male Survivor for future chapters.

In addition to the new survivor, the leaks suggest that a new halloween event will launch this year. According to the Twitter post "since Blight-Themed events are over, we can expect brand new theme for this year Halloween event."

An official date hasn't been announced for the Mid-Chapter update just yet, but with a Halloween event planned, it's likely that fans can expect the update to launch around mid-October.