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Dead by Daylight Mettle of Man Changes Explained

Photo Courtesy of Steam

Over the years, Dead by Daylight has created a large cast of survivors and killers from different franchises. Even Steve Harrington found his way into Dead by Daylight.

Besides the large cast of characters, Dead by Daylight has become one of the most popular games around. And it didn't become a great game by chance. Consistent updates and reworks have kept the game feeling fresh and new.

A new update has rolled out that announced some new changes. One of which is a rework change to the Mettle of Man perk for Ash Williams.

Dead by Daylight Mettle of Man Changes Explained

The Mettle of Man is a perk uniquely for survivor, Ash Williams. The changes made fixed two of the main areas. The first change is pretty simple. The rework now allows endurance to be used properly.

The second change goes into a little more depth. According to the Dead by Daylight patch notes:

"After you earn 2 Protection Hit scoring event, the perk activates. Once activated, you gain the Endurance status effect. As long as you have Endurance, your aura will be revealed to the Killer when you are further than 12/14/16 meters from the Killer. Mettle of Man will deactivate once Endurance is lost."

Endurance will not protect the player from dying of previous deep wounds. Also, any conspicuous activity will prematurely deactivate the endurance status.